Review – Markus Schulz – Houston TX

Hello all you beautiful souls!  Not very long ago it was my birthday and someone very near and dear to my heart surprised me with a ticket to go see my favorite trance artist, Markus Schulz.  I was extremely excited, and thankful for this present, it had been a while since I’d attended an event and I NEEDED to dance to some good music. Thank you so much for this perfect present ❤

I have seen Markus several times before and he never disappoints, so I knew it would be a magnificent show.  I was curious about the venue, and as I like supporting local and up and coming artists I was also excited to find out who would be in the opening show so that if I enjoyed their music I could support them.

Ready to dance the night away I put on a cute outfit, comfy shoes, sparkly make up and light up bunny ears to help me go down the rabbit hole 😉 of course! First of all the drive was easy which is a relief for someone as directionally challenged as I am even with a GPS I manage to get lost at times hee hee. 😀 The venue the show would be in was Stereo Live, and as I pulled up I was happy to find there was parking at the venue for $10 right in front of the building.  For safe parking I feel this is a very reasonable price.

As it was my first time at this venue I was not familiar with where to enter etc.  The ticket stated that the show started at 9pm, and I got there at 9:30 pm and there was nearly no one there yet. I asked the gentleman at the entry that check your ID and ticket why it was so quiet, and they stated that the time on the ticket was merely when doors opened up and the show would not be till much later.  I certainly did not mind as it would mean I would have a great spot at the front hurrayy!!

Stereo Live had a warm feeling, the building was clean, so were the toilets which is always nice.  I got a drink from the bar, went to the restroom and walked around a bit.  After a bit the music started and two opening acts played.  The first DJ played nice warm up music a deep/tech house feel and vibe. And the second DJ played some amazing trance tracks including some that had just been released that week, I was very impressed. I went to look to find who the opening acts were, it was not posted anywhere at the venue nor did the artist introduce themselves. I was unable to get this information which to me was unusual, I have never been to an event where it was impossible to find out who the opening act was. I later went on the Stereo Live Website, AND tweeted at them and never got a response.  So though I’d really like to support these artists, because they did a good job, I am unable to do so.

The opening acts were great, but I was ready to see Markus and finally at about midnight the show I came for started.  And what a show!  The combination of great sound and the lights and beautiful images on stage made for a truly magical experience.  A slow opening with galaxies floating by built up the anticipation and when Markus got on stage he made a great entrance, saying Trancefamily are you ready? As he dropped the beat.

His charisma was as vibrant as always, when someone loves what they do it just beams from their face and body language doesn’t it?!  It’s a gorgeous thing to see and it makes the whole experience all the more lovely.  He played a great variety of his own tracks new and classics, with and without lyrics.  The perfect balance in my eyes (or should I say ears 😉 ), and he also included some great remixes of tracks most serious trance lovers will get excited about. He pays attention to his fans, reads the energy of the crowd and plays off of it.  He smiled and waved at me happily which put a smile on my face. He also had several of his vocal artists there and they all sang live with the songs, there was no lip-syncing (being in the front I could hear it clearly) and they belted out their songs without any trouble at all.

My very favorite moment of the night was when I heard the opening sound of the track Free Tibet and realized he was going to be playing that.  I whipped out my phone and recorded part of that to share, not all of it because my dear people I also wanted to sing, dance and get lost in the moment.  And I sure did, during that track I was dancing while tears streamed down my face, I could feel the music deep within my soul and at that moment I felt so extremely happy, that moment all your worries are gone and you just appreciate the beautiful things in life. Isn’t that one of the magical things about music like this? I have uploaded a few video’s to You Tube so you can experience a little bit of the show.  I highly recommend you go see Markus Schulz next time he is performing near you.  I’m willing to travel hours to go see him, but that may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

After Markus finished and said his goodbyes, I went to drink water and use the toilet and then sat down a bit, at that time I realized that the two guys that opened did a session together to close the night out, that was the first time I’ve seen that happen at a venue but it was fun.  The last track they played especially – Dominator I was really happy with and I recorded it and posted it for you all to see.

All in all it was a lovely experience and I’d go again in a heartbeat. The only thing I’d like to see in the future is please let us know who the supporting artists are so we can support them as well.

Later that night or really the next morning when I got home I had received a message from my girl Chez from Australia, (follow her on Twitter @astateofchez ) that she spotted me on Markus Schulz snapchat, she screenshotted it and sent it to me so I included that in today’s pictures, that’s me the blonde in the front middle with the light in her face ha ha.

I had hoped to make some friends at the event, I talked to many people, but did not meet anyone I had that click with yet, so maybe next time!  It was all Good Vibes and a happy experience.  Please enjoy the pictures below.  Oh and if you’d like to see my video’s you can do so here

Have a lovely week everyone ❤ keep smiling ❤ Love, Smily

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