Music much more music.

Hello all you beautiful souls 😘💜💚💛💙 I have been away from publishing articles for a while, but I’m back filled with inspiration to share so much more with all of you.

I guess I haven’t really been away, I’ve shared my music on Twitter and I started a new job where I’m learning a lot and I’m very passionate about 😊

So my plan is to share some tracks on my blog with a small paragraph of the artist view on the track and a small section with my feelings on the track. Then I’d like you to listen to it and give your feedback. Won’t that be a fun way to discover each other’s taste in music?

As you already may know I had the chance to spend ultra weekend in Miami together with my dear friend Chez from Australia who you know as @astateofChez on Twitter. I have lots of things I want to share about that wonderful weekend. The music, friendships, PLUR and Ravefamily we got to grow.

I look forward to putting out some new info and chatting with all of you 💜

Love always,

Smily 💙💛💚💜😘20170126_121020

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