Ultra Butterflies

Hello lovely people 😁😚

So this year it happened, I actually got to experience Ultra Miami! Time off and budget limits had me thinking it probably would not be feasible for me to go. But Thank You Universe everything fell into place so that I could attend.

I was double excited because I’d be able to experience it together with my amazing friend Chez @astateofchez from Australia who I had not be able to see in a while. And knowing her and I would stick together also gave Β me a safe feeling because I know she is someone I can trust and count on. I sure didn’t want to have another experience like at EDCLV even though it all turned out well in the end. And I was going to meet friends I’d known a long time for the first time too!

Do you all get that feeling too before a festival? I’ll try to describe it below. And comment and let me know how you feel before an event.

Butterflies in your stomach, a natural high happy giggly feeling knowing you will get to soon be there. The excitement to see old friends and make new ones, the anticipation of sharing that raver love with a huge crowd that share your passion for music. The PLUR vibes you will feel. Somewhere you belong. When you are dancing in a crowd of smiling people singing along everyone’s hearts beating together as one to the music. Knowing you will trade Kandi and hug so many people who tell you they love you and you tell them you love them.

And you feel that love deep in your heart a pure and accepting love. If everyone treated each other this way in the world there would be peace right? Meeting people from all over the world. Dancing till your feet feel like they are going to fall off but your heart is so happy. Hearing your favorite songs and discovering new music.

Those were my ultra butterflies. Before I even went πŸ’˜β€πŸ’˜


The picture I am adding is Oliver the Koala (get it?)πŸ˜‚ A precious gift from my girl Chez. And I think it’s time for a new suitcase those travelstains are not coming out.

I’ll write another article soon with more about Ultra😚


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