Smily’s featured Track

Hello Sunshine’s 🌻🌞🌻🌞🌻🌞

It’s that time again for another one of my featured tracks. Today’s track is by Richard van Dongen from the Netherlands.Β  I’ve gotten to know him on Twitter and he always is happy to share tracks and ask for feedback. First let’s hear from the artist.

About the artist by the artist

Hi I’m Richard van Dongen and my alias is Rico Garcia. I have been active in the Music industry for 25 years. I am not tied to one genre and produce clubhouse, trance, Techno, indiepop,electro etc. I have been an active DJ for 17 years. I’ve had the honor to work with great names like Funkerman,TiΓ«sto,Mental Theo and more. I constantly busy myself with finding new talent to work with and creating projects for live artists and studio performers.

About the track by the artist

The song Blue Sky is the second track working with vocalist Lorraine Gray who I found on Soundcloud. This track is a timeless lovely Summer track.

I appreciate it for it’s simplicity and lovely vocals, work all can identify with. I’m also excited to announce this track will be added to the game app Beatfever. I hope you’ll enjoy my track.

Cheers and thx Rich..xx

About the track by Smily

This is one of those easy to listen to songs filled with Good Vibes. The kind you happily listen and dance to with family and friends while bbqing on the beach. Filled with happy summer vibes. To me it’s a nice tropical dance tune with lovely vocals.

So now it’s your turn to listen and see what you think. Oh and give the artists a follow too πŸ˜„Β @richvdongen andΒ @lglorraine

Here’s the track!

What’s your opinion? Please let me know here or on Twitter.

Much love to you all

Smily πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ’™

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