Smily’s featured track

Hello all you wonderful music lovers 😄

💖 As you all know I have a wide range in taste of music and today I am bringing you another featured track that’s something different from my usual dance and electronic tracks.

Melanie from JV agency reached out to me a few weeks ago to let me know about a new track she’d like me to consider for a featured track article. You may follow her @RogoffPublicity

I listened to the track and enjoyed it as a nice unique sound so I am glad to accept and share this track with all of you.

About the Artist by the Artist

FAULKNER are a bicoastal mono-genre band. An unfinished demo of their song “NY Anthem” fell into the hands of RZA, the Wu-Tang Clan mastermind & captured his interest, leading to their first major collaboration. As a result of their collaboration, “NY Anthem” is heard at the New York Yankees home games and US Open.

The upcoming album is an intense and emotive listening experience for all of “the rebels and the misfits” out there. The result is a stunning mix of stories and sounds with contributions from producers RZA, JP Bowersock (The Strokes) and Mark Needham (The Killers), recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Studio and East-West.

About the track by the Artist
 “The inspiration behind ‘Hot Streak’ is that magic moment of feeling untouchable like Nicky Barnes. Where for an hour the whole world falls into your hands and everything you touch turns to gold. ‘Hot Streak’ defines our live show energy seamlessly following our collaborations with RZA and Royce Da 5’9”. This is the first song we started off as a production duo with an infinite abelian melody on top of a pulsating uptempo rhythm.”
– Lucas Asher (Lead Singer)
About the track by Smily
This was the first time I did not work or speak directly to the artist which felt a bit different to me.
Speaking with their representative was also pleasant, Melanie is a kind person that loves music and is passionate about what she does. 😊
I realize though that I like the feeling of speaking with the artist directly as well, so you get to know them a bit and get a good feeling of where the music came from.
Maybe this is why when I read the description of the track by the artist I did not at all get that vibe from this track.
When I listened to it it took me to the music I love from the 80’s that feel good music but with a fresh new twist.
It makes me think of loyalty to your friends, having their back whether they do well in life or not.
But there’s to show you we can all enjoy music and get something different from it.  So what is your feeling when you listen to this track? Let me know I’m curious to find out!
Here’s the track
 If you enjoy it  give them a follow @faulknermusic
Until next time my darlings
Much love,
Smily 💙💚💛💜

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