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Hello Sunshines 🌞🌻

It is with great pleasure and honor I would like to present my first featured Artist article. Please allow me to introduce You Wish. 😊

I got to know You Wish aka Gabi years ago when I only just started getting to know how to work Twitter, and the lovely music you can find there.

He followed me and shared music with me (one of the first to do so) and we started to chat about music happily. I enjoyed his style of music and still do. I feel his personal style reflects his personality.  Filled with Happy Vibes, EDM with a touch of that Euro dance I grew up with and love so much.

I  knew we would get along great when he sent me a DM (hope you don’t mind me sharing this Gabi it’s too funny not to share) opening with…. Can I ask you a personal question?  I was wondering what in the world was coming next and then he sent a picture with a hand full of gummy bears asking:  Would you like some gummy bears?😂 Instant friends after this moment!

There used to be a station called RaveCave many of you may remember this. We’d all tune in to You Wish hour show and listen worldwide with many friends who all became dear to me. I still miss having our Twitter Rave parties. Lovely moments I’ll always treasure.

One week I had to go to Chicago for some personal business and I met up with Gabi in person. We had a lovely time it was like I’d always known him the brother I never had before. We laughed, talked about music and sang our favorite songs in the middle of the street.

I got to see his studio and heard some fresh music before release and even met his adorable mum.  We had a fun night out as he showed me some of his favorite places in downtown Chicago.  There were lovely views and fun places where we danced and had some nice meals too to be able to stay out and dance all night.  So many #PLUR vibes that night. I’ll never forget that lovely time.  It really is a great time meeting Twitter friends you have gotten to know and trust, especially to me when they have the same passion for music.

Iam honored to have him as my first featured Artist 😊

Here’s a few pictures of that time I wanted to share. It was hard choosing just a few since there were so many and most of them was us making silly faces. Good times, Good Friends.

Please be sure to follow him on Twitter @youwishmusic

And also check out his music on Spotify

And now let me give him a chance to talk. 😄✌☮

About the Artist by the Artist

My artist name is You Wish, my real name Gabriel Mican.  I’m artist & producer based in Chicago, USA. I classifies my style as Progressive House music with some Electro – all built around a love for a strong melody.

My music has a feel-good vibe that is captured on my 2016 release “Girl Like You” co-produced by house music pioneer Vince Lawrence, which debuted #1 on Dance Top 100 Releases as well as #3 Electro House Top 100 charts on! The track eventually hit #1 on the Beatport Electro House Top 100 chart, as well as #5 on the Beatport Top 100 New Releases charts! The track features Chaddy (of “The Streets on Fire” Chicago group), and also benefited of a Electro House remix by New Jersey producer Draco Savon. 

For me the early 1990s Euro-dance was a big influence back when I lived in Europe. Groups like The Prodigy and Faithless served as inspiration to become a music artist and producer myself. It was around that time that I got my hands on a Casio keyboard, a gift from my father! I became instantly in love with synthesizers! A passion which I share with producer and fellow Chicagoan Vince Lawrence whom I met in 2010. Acknowledged universally as the producer of the first House record “On and on” back in the late ‘80s, Lawrence saw right away the potential waiting to be explored in “You Wish”. 

Having lived in different parts of Europe (Romania, Monaco and France) and now in the USA, I knows first-hand the impact that electronic dance music has on people. Its message is that of love, unity and respect. It’s the sound of hypnotic synthesizers and hard kicking drums that brings fans together who share a common love for dance music. It is out of this love that my music label “Wish Music” was born in 2013. I wanted to build something that Chicago, the city that started it all, would be proud of.

Earlier this year on March 6th, my 5 track E.P. “Crazy Life” came in at #2 on the Dance New Releases charts (later on peaking at #1), #1 on Electro New Releases and #1 on the Big Room New Releases Charts on! It was an epic way to follow-up my previous release “Girl Like You”, especially for an independent artist with no major label support!

My newest release “Freak”, another Vince Lawrence Co-Production was released on November 27th. Fueled by hypnotic synths and a dark electro beat, ‘Freak’ tells the story of a sensual minx. The track it’s sure to bring out the “Freak” in everyone on the dancefloor!


I look forward to continue sharing my music with you.

You Wish

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