Smily’s featured Track

Hello all you beautiful souls💟

It’s time again for the next featured track! I have had the chance to get to enjoy the unique lovely music by Artistes known as Us.

What a lovely bunch of humans they are. Damian has been great about staying in touch and letting me know what they are doing, goals, dreams etc.

Let’s give them a chance below to introduce themselves and talk about their track .

A bit about the artist by the artist

The founder of the Band Damo Funk (Damian) decided in 2013 to pursue a long held ambition to create music and publish it.

The name of the Band came about as a homage to Prince. The Artist Known as Us is a collective of like minded individuals producing music they like, predominantly House & Techy Trance Beats.

We embrace influences from all walks of Music including Funk & Disco. We create, play and enjoy music both in the Studio and Live. Live music has been our current emphasis to get our music out there as well as online.

Our Ethos, Love, Peace and Unity through Music…

A bit about the track by the artist

Funked up Trance thing came about after putting our third Album together, The Sunset remixes Dreamscape Volume III E.P.

This was one of the tracks rummaging around Damo’s Brain for some time. It was influenced by the love for 1990’s Trance.  He used a groove he came up with and a beat he created himself.

It was included on the latest Album Casa Disco in September 2017. On reflection its one of our strongest dancefloor contenders!

We love it and hope clubbers, Dj’s and lovers of dance music who stumble across it love  it as much as we do.

A bit about the Track by Smily

The title pretty much says it all. This is a Trancy track with a lot of funky to it. I find myself jamming out in my car on my way to work happily whenever it comes on my playlist. I feel this is one of those tracks that many people will enjoy with a wide range of taste in music. So please give it a listen 😊💙

AKAUS Graphic1.5

Remember to listen, share and let the artist know you like their music to show your support.

Anddon’t forget to give them a follow on Twitter @ArtistesKnownAs

Credit for pictures go to Samantha Claire Photography

Much love and till next time

Good Vibes ❤🌈 Smily

Here’s the links!



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