Smily’s featured track

Hello lovely people. It is time again for a featured track that I’d like you all to listen to and get your feedback on ☀️🤗🌈

Let me introduce to you JoJo who’s artist name is DJ7Teen please follow her on Twitter @DJ7Teen 😊

She is SO is very passionate about music which makes me so happy when I meet people that have this same passion!

So all you beatiful souls, let’s all show our support. I was introduced to her and her music via my wonderful friend Damian from Artists known as us (follow them on Twitter) 🤗@ArtistesKnownAs

As I listened to DJ7Teen’s music and got to speak with her some quickly realized just how passionate she is about music. I want to support her drive, talent and passion and her as a person, and I know all of you my friends and Twitterfam out there also love music and supporting the ones that make it.

So let me have the artists introduce themselves and their track 😄🌈🌸

A little about the artist by the artist.

Hi I am Dj7teen. I have been djing since i was 15 years old.

I fell in love with music since a young age and became really interested in djing when i was a freshman in highschool.

I am selftaught but have been guided in the industry by big producers and labels and learned so much.

I’ve been producing orginal content since I was about 16/17 yrs old. Now im signed under a label from the United Kingdom DamoFunk Productions and I could not have asked for a better label to be signed under.

They arent just my label and mentors but they became like family to me.

A little bit about the track by the artist.

What inspired my track is how I feel about music. My main objective is to get people to see how music of any genre still can unite people.

Music is the one thing we all have in common. Its how we learn, grow, and teach each other basic morals. Something that helps us cope with everything.

We are all in this together. I am very greateful for my fans and supporters

A little bit about the track by Smily

The melody and beat is SO fun and it stirs that feeling of how music connects us all. Hearing this I can imagine people all over the world that whatever problems they are facing in life right now this song comes and for a moment you forget it all and randomly start dancing to this track either alone or with the people around you wherever you are!

Below is the Spotify link so you can listen and enjoy this great track.

Other ways to access the music as well below😊

Apple link

Don’t forget to share this article listen to the music and give the artists your support 🎶😊

Tweet me and let me know what your thoughts are beautiful people.

That’s it for now

Will speak with you all again soon

Much love ❤💖and Good Vibes🌈


Smily’s Playlist by the Twitterfam

🦄🌈❤🎶 Hello all of you beautiful souls!

Most of you know how much I like to support Artists, make playlists and share music on Twitter. My taste is very broad in music and I share accordingly.

About a month ago I thought it would be fun to make a playlist of music and songs all made by the great artists on Twitter who love, make and support one another in making music.

I was pleasantly overwhelmed with the response and submissions of tracks by artists. There is so much talent out there, so much creativity. All of you that submitted your music, I want to thank you! And if your track didn’t make the playlist this time, don’t give up! There will be more opportunities, I always listen every track that is sent to me. 😊🎶

It was such a success that I have decided not to stop here. I was trying to decide if I’d start making these playlists monthly or keep building on the original playlist.

I put a poll out on Twitter and asked for all your feedback and ideas, so I can keep them for consideration when I make my decision on which way I choose to go. So thank you everyone for your feedback and thoughts. It means a lot 😊🥰

I have decided to make a monthly or bi-monthly playlist (depending on my work/travel schedule)

Then after sharing the tracks one by one on Twitter and then the entire playlist. Make it stay available on Spotify as well as write a blog article with a link to the playlist including the artists that contributed to the playlist. This way they may share the article and the playlist to help themselves and fellow artists to get their music out there.

There are some other ideas and future plans in the works but I will tell you more on that later 🤗😉

Below please see the link to the very first Twitterfam playlist which I hope is the start of something special 💕 Your music certainly is special!

Thank you to all these amazing artists which are a part of this beautiful playlist.

Artists that contributed are in order of the playlist:
























Go on follow them and each other listen to each other’s music and support one another!

Below is the link to the playlist

Don’t forget

I love you all so much!

Sending pure love to all of you.

Good Vibes Always🥰❤🎶

This is Mike Ferrum + a free download.

Mike is one of my music friends from my hometown in Rotterdam.

He has been involved with music for a really long time, especially Trance I can always count on him to be willing to have a fun conversation revolving around music. Recently Mike has reached a beautiful milestone in music, and in honor of that we did a little interview and Mike is providing a free download of his mix to share with all of you.

Please enjoy the conversation we had below. This way you can all get to know him a little better and see how much passion Mike has for music.

I really wanted to add the pictures we took together several years back when we went to Hardwell in the Netherlands. But unfortunately neither myself or Mike can find them anymore.😞

Mike has a radio show where I used to help now and then to share the tracks he was playing on Twitter. Fun memories 😊

Below enjoy our conversation, questions and answers.

Smily: Mike how often is your radioshow again?

Mike: The show is the first and third Saturday each month from 4 PM till 6 PM Dutch time on

Smily: Talk some about yourself that I can share for the article.

Mike: It’s always so difficult to just talk about yourself 😅

Smily: Just talk the way we always chat. About your love for music and how you started with everything.

Mike: I’ve always really liked music. Especially house music. For example thee was Dario G and Mauro Picotto and also Gigi D’Agostino but that was pretty commercial/mainstream and played on the radio. Back then you could watch the videos on TMF andere the Box. And whenever there was a party I used to think how fun it would be if you could be the one to decide what music was played. I didn’t really know the whole concept of DJ or mixing back then.

In early 2000 I discovered Tiësto after hearing some hits like lethal industry, flight 643 and suburban train but that was about the extent of my knowledge.

Smily: Do you remember when you started getting actively involved with music and mixing?

Mike: Yesssss for my 15th birthday my parents gave me a DVD that could also play MP3 files. And my Dad made a CD that included a 1 hour set of Tiesto.

After that I started searching for more music and found underground trance that hardly anyone had heard of. I also found the first ever Tiesto concert on mp3 and played that set to death. I can’t count how many time I listened to it. When a DVD was released and I bought it I saw what a DJ could do, I knew then that I wanted to do that too.

So I bought a mixer that had 2 CD Players with a tterrible pitch haha. But it taught me to mix. After a few years I was able to buy the real deal. That’s when I could really practice.

In 2007 I started a small podcast and in 2009 I started at lazerfm.

And now I am 455 shows along and I can easily say I have recorded about 900 hours of music just for the shows. In a positive way.

Smily: Really fantastic what you have reached with your love for music. .Tiësto was especially a big inspiration for you right?

Mike: At that time he seemed to always know how to pick the right tracks and adjusted to the crowd. He would play things that were completely new and different from all the other DJ’s and I really admire that.

Smily: I really love the trance mixes you always send me. Would it be okay if we share a special download link with everyone of your milestone show?

Mike: Yes of course!

Gratis download link:


Lovely people our conversation was so nice and natural that I left it the way it was. This conversation was in Dutch and I have translated it in English so many more of you can enjoy this article and download. A conversation between friends that live music.

Enjoy the music and download and say thank you to.@mikeferrum

Much love see you all soon ❤😘💗🌈 Smily

Dit is Mike Ferrum + gratis download

Mike is een van mijn muziek vrienden van “thuis” in Rotterdam.

Hij is al heel lang bezig met allerlei soorten muziek en vooral Trance. Ik kan altijd op hem rekenen om even gezellig over muziek te praten. Hij heeft een prachtig mijlpaal bereikt kwa muziek en heeft ter ere daarvan een gratis download aangeboden van zijn mix ter ere daarvan om met jullie allemaal te delen.

Hieronder ook een beetje van zijn verhaal van een van onze gesprekken. Zodat jullie hem wat beter kunnen leren kennen en hoeveel passie hij heeft voor muziek.

Ik had graag de foto’s erbij gedaan die we een aantal jaar geleden samen hadden gemaakt toen we naar Hardwell waren gegaan in Nederland maar ik kan ze niet vinden jammer genoeg 😞

Mike heeft een radioprogramma waar ik een poosje geleden soms mee had geholpen toen hij op Twitter de tracks deelde. Dat is een leuke herrinering.

Hieronder wat vragen/antwoorden van ins gesprek.

Smily: Mike hoe vaak is het programma ookal weer?

Mike: De show is de eerste en derde zaterdag van de maand om 4 uur tot 6 uur europese tijd op

Smily: Vertel wat over jezelf dat ik kan delen voor het artikel.

Mike: Dat is altijd zo moeilijk om over jezelf te vertellen 😅

Smily: Vertel gewoon lekker zoals we altijd kletsen, over je liefde voor muziek en hoe je met alles begonnen bent.

Mike: Muziek vond ik altijd wel leuk en vooral de house-kant vond ik altijd wel erg leuk. Dan had je bijvoorbeeld Dario G en Mauro Picotto en ook Gigi D’Agostino maar dat was vooral heel commercieel en werd ook veel op de radio gedraaid. En de clips zag je dan bijvoorbeeld op tmf en the box toendertijd nog. En als er dan een feestje was leek het mij sowieso wel leuk om te bepalen wat er gedraaid werd en dan was dat alleen top 40 muziek dus het hele idee van een dj en mixen kon ik helemaal nog niet.

In begin 2000 kon ik tiesto al maar dan ook vooral van zijn hits zoals lethal industry en flight 643 en suburban train maar voor de rest had ik geen idee.

Smily: Weet je nog wanneer je meer met muziek bezig was en begon te mixen?

Mike: Jaaa ik kreeg voor mijn 15e verjaardag een dvd speler van m’n ouders. En dat kon ook mp3 afspelen en m’n vader had een CD voor me gemaakt waar dus ook een set op stond van tiesto van een uur.

Toen ben ik meer gaan zoeken en luisteren en maakte ik dus kennis met de underground trance die totaal niet commercieel was. En toen de eerste tiesto in concert geweest was vond ik ook daar een mp3 van en heb ik die ontelbare keren geluisterd. Toen de dvd uit kwam heb ik die ook gekocht en zo zag ik wat een dj daadwerkelijk deed. En wilde ik dat ook gaan doen.

Maar goed ik kocht een meng paneeltje waar 2 CD spelers aan vast zaten met een hele slechte pitch haha.

Maar ik leerde er wel door mixen.En een paar jaar later kocht ik het echte spul en ben ik door blijven oefenen.

Toen begon ik een kleine podcast in augustus 2007, en in 2009 kwam ik bij lazerfm

Inmiddels ben ik nu 455 shows verder dus ik kan daarin al makkelijk zeggen dat ik rond de 900 uur aan muziek heb opgenomen alleen voor de shows. Op een positieve manier.

Smily: Echt fantastisch wat je hebt bereikt met de liefde voor muziek. Tiësto was vooral een grote inspiratie voor je hè?

Mike: Hij wist altijd de tracks te kiezen die paste bij het publiek. Iets nieuws of compleet anders. Niemand van de grote dj’s draaide ze.

Smily: Ik vind je trance mixen altijd zo mooi die je me stuurt. Vind je het goed als we de speciale download link delen met iedereen van je speciale mijlpaal uitzending?

Mike: Ja natuurlijk

Gratis download link:


Lieve mensen ons gesprek was zo mooi dat ik het zo heb gelaten. Ik ga het allemaal vertalen en ook een Engelse versie publiceren maar dit was zo iets puurs een gesprek over muziek tussen goede vrienden dat ik er niets aan wou veranderen.

Geniet van de muziek van de download.

Veel liefs en tot snel ❤😘💗🌈 Smily

Smily’s featured Track

Helloooo all you music loving people!💕

It has been a while since my last article and I’m excited to write and share some new goodies with you all. 😊

Let me introduce you to my friend Ashni who already has had some top of the chart hits in Europe and is a bit newer in the USA market.

She is a beautiful soul, a fun and kind-hearted person. Gorgeous inside and out. She has a great passion for her music and I feel connected to her through that passion for music.

I’m excited to share her new track with you all. First let’s let her talk a bit about the track!

About the track by the artist

This track was written and produced by Mr.Z. who previously wrote for me, so we decided to join forces and do a song together.  This is how CrazyThings was born.

For me personally this is the first track I have done in this genre. This track gives me such a happy heart and positive energy.

It provides me with a sense of freedom and being a real woman, while singing and dancing to it. It’s the time you can completely let go!

This track gives me the feeling that anything is possible!🎶💕😍

About the track by Smily

The more I watch the video and listen to the track the more it makes me smile. Everyone involved in this was SO happy while they made this track. That really counts for something with me deep in my heart. ❤

It is a fun and upbeat track, sure to get you dancing no matter what genre of music you are into.

My tastes have a wide range from underground and obscure to dreamy floaty trance and happy progressive to mainstream.

I feel this particular track has the potential of becoming very big in the mainstream market.  You can tell that everyone involved in this has a great love for what they do and that everyone of the people that were involved with this track clearly has a passion for music and doesn’t that deserve our full support?

So all you twitterfam that love music and like reading my blog, do your thing!

Listen, like and comment on this track and show your support by sharing this article, the artists music and give them a follow!

Here’s the newly released video on YouTube 🎶😊

Here’s the link to all the ways you can buy or stream this track

Follow Ashni’s Twitter account @OfficialAshni

And Mr Z’s account @MRZ330

And Brad who mixed and mastered it @BradGrobler

That’s today’s featured track darlings, I hope you enjoy and help support the artists.

Good Vibes everyone!

Much love, Smily ❤🎶😊

Smily’s featured Track


Hello darlings 😊🎶❤

I hope you are all happy and smiling. Today I am going to do something a little different.

I love so many genres of music and I love my friends. Even though most of the music I share here is electronic dance music, today I am featuring a track of it’s own genre. And it’s made by a friend in combination with other great talents. Please give this amazing track s listen and support all involved.

When I heard this track I was excited and proud after the long journey it took to get to this place. As my expertise is not in this genre please read the below details provided by my friend.

Don’t forget to listen/follow and support






I understand some of the influences of underground Synthwave and Goth bands get lost in the view of it when those scenes are already pretty low on the radar of many people who will be listening to this.

As for my own comments, I personally would be going out of my way to say that this is my personal favorite track on the album. This was a track where I did everything to make sure it was right. Everybody was brought in that was needed to. Maverick’s ferocious vocals, George Galanos’ ripping guitar solos that conclude the track with a big bang, and Sandra’s instruments that she re-recorded over my own demo, most notably drum machines that would certainly please “Doktor Avalanche” lol

I tend to do many stories or personifications in my lyrics because I want to connect to something with my music. I listen to a lot of Goth music and sometimes it feels like as much as there is darkness, it is more of a mood piece than something they connect with. That’s why I like to do stuff like “The Looks That Kill” or I try to challenge my own personal demons with something like “Without You”. It’s much more interesting to listen to.

Also contextualizing this record felt kinda important for me, not because of how much it means but because in comparison to other retro leaning acts like Greta van Fleet and The Darkness that have a much more well known derivative sound, very few will be in the know about the whole Goth thing. I don’t really want that angle to be lost, especially as some people have tried to label us as Synthrock or basically anything except Goth Rock or Darkwave (Which while I do appreciate the support, I feel hurts the culture)

Please have a listen and support the artists here on


You Tube


Track link

Album link

Much love always

Smily ❤

Smily’s featured Remix

Hello all you beautiful souls!🌈😊🎶✌

Today I’d like to introduce you to a lovely Virtual Self remix made by Sine Wave ( @arismakesmusic ) I was introduced to Aris mixes by my friend Chez ( @astateofchez ) with a check this guy out I think you’ll like his music and she knows me well! I like Aris unique sound all his own on all his music. This particular remix I am featuring is the one I like best so far! I look forward to all future work of Aris and look forward to help support him 😊

Let’s give him a chance to introduce himself and talk a bit about his music!

A bit about the Artist by the Artist

I grew up in a very musical family. My mother and grandfather are both gifted musicians. Both of them were grade school music teachers in Soviet Armenia, where I was born. When we moved to the United States in 1988, music was one of the few things our family could hold on to from our past. I grew up listening to all sorts of world music, and in my teens, found heavy metal, which eventually led me to electronic music in my college years. I was amazed at the stuff people like Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Squarepusher were putting out. So I downloaded a free tracking software in 2001 (because recording gear was so expensive at the time) and started my journey in music making. The rest, as they say, is history.

A bit about the mix by the Artist

I fell in love with ‘a.i.ngel’ immediately. Virtual Self did a beautiful job bringing up nostalgic memories of an era of electronic music that is now lost in time, buried deep in an internet that no longer exists. And when I started to listen to remixes of this song, they all sort of sounded the same to me. So I figured I try and change it up a bit. I wanted this mix to gallop at a completely different pace than the original. I also wanted the mix to sound like it was being played by a rock band in a galactic circus, with the focal point of this mix being the outro of the original. I fell in love with ‘a.i.ngel’ immediately. Virtual Self did a beautiful job bringing up nostalgic memories of an era of electronic music that is now lost in time, buried deep in an internet that no longer exists. And when I started to listen to remixes of this song, they all sort of sounded the same to me. So I figured I try and change it up a bit. I wanted this mix to gallop at a completely different pace than the original. I also wanted the mix to sound like it was being played by a rock band in a galactic circus, with the focal point of this mix being the outro of the original.

A bit about the remix by Smily

Well there isn’t much more I can say I think. The description Aris uses of his mix is beautifully worded. I personally enjoy how Aris has managed to have a unique sound that’s all his own, without allowing too much outside influence. Sticking to his gut in music and sound and following his heart. Keep up the great work!

Please follow him on Twitter @arismakesmusic and listen to his mix below. Remember how much it means to artists for you to listen to, share and tell them how much you like their music.

As always much love,

Smily ❤💖🌈

Smily’s featured Track

Hello all you beautiful souls 🌈❤🌈

It is time again for my next featured track. Today’s track is by Liquid Mazes aka Ryan Shawn who has been sharing original tunes on Twitter for years while also listening and supporting other artists. Isn’t that important in this industry that we all support each other? Today let’s support him by listening to his track and sharing it/commenting if you enjoyed it as well .

A bit about the Artist by the artist.

Ryan Shawn McDonald from Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. I have been taking music seriously as far as production about 5 years. I don’t limit myself to one genre and consider  myself a multi genre artist.

A bit about the Track by the artist.

I made the track in mid summer while a lot of emotions were flowing through me at the time. I feel like that came through in the sound. It’s me on the piano keys, i did the entire track, no samples.

A bit about the Track by Smily.

I chose this track by Ryan because the melody is so pleasant and dreamy. The title fits this song as I can imagine looking up at the stars with a hopefull dreamy feeling, on the verge of falling in love, with thoughts of good days ahead. A song for us dreamers that aren’t afraid to dream but then also go after making those dreams come true.

Please give it a listen and help support the artist by sharing this article, following @StanginNbangin  on Twitter and listening to and sharing the music. Kind comments are always welcome too as this keeps artists motivated 😊

Here’s the track! And as an added bonus Ryan has been so kind to offer a download of this track as well!

Here it is! Don’t forget to let me know what you think!


Much love always ❤ Smily

Smily’s featured New Release

Hello all you wonderful music lovers. You are in for such a treat, because today I am able to present to you the newly released track produced by John Lutchman.

Before I share this track I want to tell you a bit of background so you can relate to the beauty of this moment and this track.

Before I started my own blog years ago I used to write articles for other blogs now and then. One of the first articles I ever wrote was a small list of tracks of producers who I had heard on SoundCloud where when I heard their music it touched my heart and soul in a way where it made me feel this is a producer to watch out for in the future. John Lutchman was one of them and one I felt strongly about.

To me it’s been exciting watching him work so hard towards his goals and making it so far. He plays many shows in New York and Austin and has grown to a whole new level of skills. He’s reached great success and I was beyond honored when John shared the track he made with me and asked for my feedback.

I always enjoy getting to hear a track someone worked hard on and put their heart and soul into, it’s something special and I treasure it whenever this happens. When I heard John’s track the melody and sound hit me so hard!

I love the vibe of this song so much, the melody is lovely and the first time I heard it I just didn’t want it to end. And it moved me, really moved me. Tears were streaming down my face even though it’s not a sad melody. His music touched my heart and soul. There are many talented producers out there, but not many can translate feelings into music. It’s a special talent only a few people have. John is one of them.

John has worked EXTREMELY hard over the years and hasn’t always gotten the breaks he deserves in my eyes, but he doesn’t complain and keeps working hard with a positive attitude.

I’d like to ask all of you in our lovely music community to now all get together and show John how much we appreciate people like him that love the music as much as us. I’d like to ask you to carefully listen to this track and see how it moves YOUR soul and then share it with your friends. And then give John Lutchman a follow on Twitter reach out to him and tell him not to ever give up because we need his music in this world.

His Twitter is @John_Lutchman

And now (drumroll)

A masterpiece 🎶🔊💕


For Avicii ❤

I wanted to do something, say something while respecting the family and their wishes but I didn’t know how.

@mrdjcosmo reached out to me about using my blog to do something. He helped me come up with a lovely idea of collecting messages from the community that was so strongly affected.

I love this idea of allowing people to express their feelings and say what they want to say to Avicii wherever he may be. Only kind heartfelt messages as there is too much sadness and negativity out there already.

All of our hearts are hurting 💔 We want to show you how much you meant to all of us in this community, how we are grieving and how much love we have for you and your music. We are putting these messages out in the universe to express our feelings and hope they will get to you❤

I will let @mrdjcosmo speak first

Just a few days ago we’ve lost one of the greatest DJ/Producer that ever walked the earth. With his biggest single “Hey Brother” in 2013, which touched millions is still going strong. Tim Bergling AKA AVICII will be remembered forever❤️❤️ #Avicii4Ever @mrdjcosmo

And here is what I would like to say. I have never been that affected by the death of an artist before. My heart is literally aching and I cried. His young talented life just like that gone… It made me stop and think and reflect on life.

The people I love and how some things are worth fighting for. To tell people you care about them because what if they aren’t here tomorrow? To be there for those that are feeling sad even if you don’t know exactly how to help, to just try your best for them.

Realizing that modern day society sometimes makes people feel too pressured to perform a certain way and it all becoming too much. Not only in this industry though, but in daily life for many with different things people try to accomplish.

Please see the messages that were sent to me below. Each person sharing their feelings in their own way.

Love with a sad heart 💓 Smily

With Avicii’s sad passing, it shows just how short our lives can be. I urge everyone to live a productive life and to leave behind a lasting legacy of respect, peace and love. Just as Tim has left for us all. RIP Legend. @PressureZone

Tim, I know you probably wouldn’t remember me even if we saw each other in person again, but I just gotta say I am glad I met you and knew of your music when I did. Even when I was 17 and still played a guitar, stubborn as ever, I knew your music stood out even the slightest bit. I’ve watched your music become rather influential, and I ran into many a-clone, and I heard LE7ELS, Wake Me Up, and Hey Brother in a long list of places that I could never finish. You may have had it difficult, but your situation along with my own has inspired me and most likely many others to stand up for artists’ rights, and I will continue to do so even in your passing. Regardless of what happens in the next step of Dance music and whatever passing trend comes along, I’m sure history will remember your hits and the impact that they had on many people. May you rest in peace! – @AlterityMusic

Game changer. Simply put. Always tries to broaden the horizon of whatever genre he decided to make that day. Will be missed by many 🙏 @DJRecklessRyan

RIP Avicii. Taken too soon and always remembered for the sounds of summer. One Love and badly missed by all XXX @Veritycrank please see the art she made below


You will be missed. Your incredible talents helped bring some joy to those that heard them. Never will you be forgotten. @ChromeFumofoo

Goodbye from this world Avicii, thank you for the amazing feelings you gave to us. Your music is clarifying and soul cleansing, it will now live on long long past many future generations to come. You were a brilliant human being who inspired great emotion in many forms.#RIPAvicii @StanginNbangin Please see the picture he made below.


I remember 2011 a Melbourne club called Motel, a skinny blue eyed blonde kid played a song called Levels, we didn’t know how that song would be the catalyst for something the whole world loved. His name was Avicii, to me he will always be Tim Bergling. We all idolize the artist but often we forget the human being. I met him briefly in 2013, a shy, fragile but kind man, the kind you want to hug the pain away you see in his face. The pain has gone now Tim, it’s ours as fans to deal with and I hope you soar free and happy because that’s what all beauty deserves. @AStateofChez

Aug 29, 2011 The first day of my 9th grade I knew there was something else in life besides academics after watching a video where I listened “Levels” for the first time. After that day, nothing has been the same, thank you Avicii showing me what living feels like. @robedub28

A Swedish young man; so artistic, passionate, and creative. With the assistance of Laidback Luke, determines that the sounds he can create electronically, will be the path he wants to lead. Unfortunately it was a path of two tales. One a genius musical journey, for which the world has been left with treasures, yet a void now left with his passing. The other path, was one in which this genius was so unhappy, with the life the beautiful music caused him. A true loss, one with the other greats gone to soon. Be at peace Tim, make music for all in heaven now. @vista318

Avicii why is it the good always die young! Maybe its just their time and was his destiny to show others what’s possible. While he was here he burnt bright and his music burnt into the memories of many is his legacy and how he attains immortality. Whatever you believe, hear or see, do not judge him by his flaws or his mistakes, judge him by his deeds and the happiness he brought to millions via his musical genius and the generosity of spirit that eminated from it. Now and forever.. He will always remain an important flag post in my life. #RIPAvicii Damian of akausband @akausband

This a cautionary tale for DJs. We are sad and grieving yet feel joy in your music Avicii @TribalTechno see aditional contribution below.


He knew exactly how to produce a track that would bring people together, regardless of their musical preference, social background, or culture! The world didn’t just lose a young musician, but in that sense a humanitarian too! If there is a Heaven, then it’s probably jamming to his tunes right now, everyone from Elvis to MLK, Lady Diana, Prince in one crazy heavenly party DJed by Avicii! @youwishmusic

Thank you for the music and the melodies Tim. May you find peace in the hereafter and evermore. Onto a place where music was born is where we shall all pass. Beyond Beyond ✌@_McSweeney

As the Swedish House Mafia said on BBC Radio 1 “Goosebumps Never Lie” and Avicii was one of those artists when I would watch him live always give me goosebumps. RIP Avicii @HouseCracka

He left us so many amazing melodies and memories through his music! His tracks would cheer anyone up 💖 @charlottesdj

Regardless of the genre of music we all love, Avicii has a special place in all our hearts. He crossed all genres & will be greatly missed 💖 @F__U__Trump

I’m gutted about avicii, the arpeggios in his tracks were both sublime and an inspiration to much of my music and I hear influences in the music of others. He will be greatly missed. He was a fine man and a true all round entertainer. HisHis mem will live on through his music for a very long time to come. It’s hard losing someone so young and my best wishes go out to his family. @joncoopermusic

AVICII was a true pioneer in EDM.He showed us that it is possible to fuse different genres,such as soul and country,into electronic dance music,creating something truly beautiful that can reach the hearts of everyone,not just EDM fans.May his soul have a restful journey. @euromericaradio

Tim-tragic-and tragic shame that he didn’t act a bit sooner on his problems. Its a cliche that he will live on through his music-but he will-but 28- @Alastorworld

Avicii was one of the reasons I started listening to edm in the first place. His tracks (especially ‘silhouettes’) inspired and still inspire me to go on, to continue chasing my dreams. His contribution to the world of electronic music is huge. It would be fair to say that he’s an actual music genius. Now that Tim’s gone, it all feels so empty and fake. but his legacy will continue to live on, and we, his fans, will make sure it does.
rest easy, Tim. we all love you and miss you. @yunidmusic

Thank you to all that shared their feelings. 💖 Smily